How to set a proxy server for local system

The Authlogics Authentication Server can automatically detect a proxy server when Internet connectivity is required. However, as the Authlogics Authentication Server Service runs as Local System on the Windows server the correct proxy settings may not be configured in its profile.

The bitsadmin command is an easy way to configure the proxy server settings for the Local System profile.

To enable a proxy:

C:\windows\System32\bitsadmin.exe /Util /SetIEProxy LocalSystem Manual_proxy http://<proxyserver>:<proxy port> "<Any bypasses to be added>"

To disable a proxy:

C:\windows\System32\bitsadmin.exe /Util /SetIEProxy LocalSystem NO_PROXY

Restart the Authlogics Authentication Server Service after configuring the proxy settings.

This article applies to Authlogics Authentication Server 3.x and 4.x.


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