How to deploy Windows Desktop Agent via GPO

This article provides a step by step guide to push Authlogics Windows Agents to Windows servers and workstations using Windows Group Policy Objects. This article assumes that, in Active Directory, an OU  exists and has been populated with the target computers.


1) Create a Share and copy the Authlogics Desktop Agent MSI file (Authlogics Windows Desktop Agent x.x.xxxx.x.msi) into this folder. Ensure that the share permissions provide Everyone Read-only access.



For the purposes of this article, the OU is Authlogics Desktop Agent Systems and the GPO is named Authlogics Windows Desktop Agent Policy which has been applied to the above listed OU. 



2) Edit the GPO Authlogics Windows Desktop Agent Policy


3) Expand Computer Configuration - Policies - Software Settings. Right-click Software installation and select New Package.


4) Browse to the share folder created in Step 1 and select the Authlogics Desktop Agent MSI file


5) Select the deployment method Assigned



The GPO has now be configured to deploy the Authlogics Desktop Agent to all computers governed by the created GPO. Once the GPO has been applied to the target machines, the Authlogics Desktop Agent will be installed on next restart.

6) In some environments, as the Authlogics Desktop Agent installation package is fairly large (+- 120 Mb), the processing wait time may need to be increased to allow for the Desktop Agent to be installed on the target machine.

To increase the Processing Wait Time, on the Authlogics Windows Desktop Agent Policy or Default Domain Policy, navigate to Computer Configuration - Policies - Administrative Templates - System - Group Policy and set the Specify startup policy processing wait time to 120 seconds.




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