How to enable/disable Diagnostics Logging for the Windows Desktop Agent

The Authlogics Windows Desktop Agent logs information to the Windows Application Event Log by default. These logs are usually comprehensive enough for day to day operations and troubleshooting.

In certain circumstances, it may be required to enable Diagnostics Logging which produces verbose text output of the system's activities. The Authlogics support team may require this to be enabled and logs sent in to help diagnose and rectify a problem.

NOTE: Diagnostics Logging should NOT be left active for normal operations as it will negatively impact performance.

  1. Open the Registry using RegEdit.exe
  2. Browse to the Registry Key:
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Authlogics\Windows Desktop Agent
  3. Change the REG_DWORD LoggingEnabled Value from 0 to 1 (enable), or 1 to 0 (disable)
  4. Note the folder specified in the REG_SZ LoggingFolder Value, this is where the log files will be created.
  5. Restart the "Authlogics Windows Desktop Agent" Windows Service. 

If directed by Authlogics Support, reproduce the problem being experienced, add the files in the Log folder to a ZIP file and email it to

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