Which SMS/TEXT providers are supported by Authlogics Authentication Server?

Authlogics Authentication Server supports the following SMS/TEXT providers directly via the server UI. There is no need to configure complex scripts or URL path templates.

SMS feature availability varies by provider, the following table lists which features are available via each provider.

Provider Name SSL/TLS encryption Message Overwrite SMS Flash
MobiWeb No No  Yes
AQL Yes, Optional Yes Yes
Bulk SMS (International, South Africa, UK, USA) No Yes Yes
Click a Tell Yes, Optional No Yes
Infobip Yes, Optional No Yes
Mediaburst Clockwork Yes, Required No No
EE UK Enterprise Messaging (Ideal for use by UK NHS) Yes, Optional No Yes
Mobile Sasa No No No
Jawal B SMS (STC) Yes, Optional No No
OmanTel iSmart SMS Yes, Required No Yes
Unifonic NextGen Yes, Optional No No
Unifonic (Legacy) Yes, Optional No No
Yamamah (KSA) Yes, Required No No



Note: The above table is based on Authlogics Authentication Server 5.0.6942.0.

If you would like to see additional providers included please email support@authlogics.com.

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